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Benefits of Sauna

What would you do with a bucket of water in a sauna?When we are in the sauna, we often need to use the sauna bucket and spoonSauna buckets are used to store water in the sauna. This water is used for many purposes, such as:1. Ladle the water from the sauna barrel onto the sauna rock to create steam (löyly in Finnish) or humidity. 2. Use the water in the bucket to cool the body. Pour cold water over your body to help lower your body temperature.3. Keep your hair moist. A hot environment can damage your hair if you don't keep it moist. This helps protect the hair and promotes hair growth. Another option is to use a sauna cap to protect your hair from the heat. 4. Pouring you water before the sauna will help open the pores of your skin and start the sweating process.5. Water will help you start sweating faster. Water is often poured into the walls and seats of the sauna to cool it down before sitting down. This helps keep the wood clean and prevents skin burns when the sauna overheats.6. Rinse after sauna. You can dump what's left in the sauna bucket on you. This helps flush sweat and cool your body so you don't continue to sweat when you leave the sauna. As you can see, the sauna bucket is a must-have accessory. You can find wooden or metal buckets and spoons in different sizes and capacities. We recommend using a ladle so you can pour water into the sauna without getting burned by the steam.

Sauna barrel wooden spoon
The importance of thermometers and hygrometers
Sauna Thermometer Hygrometer

The importance of thermometers and hygrometersWe all know that the temperature of the sauna will get higher and higher with heating, and the appropriate temperature is very important. At this time, we need to use a thermo-hygrometer.First, where do you put your sauna thermometer?The sauna thermometer needs to be placed on the wall in the neutral area of the sauna;It should be 3 feet from the heater and door and 12 inches from the ceiling in order to properly record the sauna temperature.A sauna thermometer is an essential accessory because you need to make sure your sauna doesn't get too hot.Likewise, you also need to make sure that the temperature of the sauna does not fall below the desired temperature for an extended period of time.It is crucial to purchase a thermometer designed for sauna use. It needs to be built with the right materials to withstand the heat inside the sauna.Our thermometer has a smooth surface and uses a high temperature acrylic cover and high temperature paint for the pointer. Give you the perfect experience.Some of our thermometer models incorporate a hygrometer to measure humidity and water vapour in a sauna. The combination of the two brings you a better use experience.

Company Profile

Huizhou Alphasauna is a professional manufacturer in sauna products which cover an area of 4668 Square meters, We are professional OEM and ODM factory integrating researching, Developing, producing and Marketing that work with many famous brand from oversea market as their official partner. Our Factory has 68 staffs who are with well education and technical titles and had been engaged in sauna trade for many years. And also have 2 production working shop and 2 installation working shop. Main Products cover 350 types Sauna accessories( sauna pail, ladle, sand timer, thermometer and hygrometer, backrest, headrest, sauna lamp, lamp shade, brush etc are in Wood/Bamboo/Aluminue/Stainlesss Steel Series.), Outdoor Sauna Room( Outdoor barrel/Olive/Sqaure/ Soli type etc) and Wooden hot tub( Electrical and fired stove hot tub). Alphasauna insist on providing the highest products in the market, pursuit the fashion and exclusive design for our customer, guarantee the timely delivery, and strictly stick to business Confidential Agreement. So we gain our customer confidence with super fast speed these years, as a company that 100% exported sauna products to aboard, we help customers to enlarge market share both online and offline, alphasauna team are well experienced to suggest different items base on different area, offering professional packing method base on different market channel. If you are in tradtional sauna trade business, you can take One-stop shop from Alphasauna, if you want to creat your own business, you can try small quantity like 1-50PCS for trial order to test from Alphasauna. Sincerely welcome to contact us for future business.

Sauna hourglass timer
sauna wooden floor mat
sauna wooden lampshade
sauna supplier wooden barrel

sauna wooden floor mat

The perfect wooden mat for sauna floors. An elegant and natural bath mat. Its convenient design allows air and water to flow. This mat has rubber pads so they don't slip and slide. easy to clean

sauna lampshade

Specially designed for high temperature saunas, beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted.Lampshades are used to protect explosion-proof lamps in saunas. The lampshade has stable and reliable performance and is convenient to use.

Buckets, buckets and spoons 

Our wooden accessories are beautifully handcrafted from Finnish pine and Finnish craftsmanship. Buckets and spoons are essential sauna accessories. A scoop or two of water splashed on the hot sauna stone creates steam, which encourages perspiration to flush out the pores.